Planthouse | Beth Ganz: Overview | New York | June 27- August 4, 2023

Beth Ganz, Mt Machapuchari, Nepal, Diptych, 2019 Indigo ink on Kozo 52 x 76 inches

June 27- August 4, 2023

Beth Ganz | Overview


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55 West 28th Street
New York, NY 10001

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MOUNTAIN PEAKS REACHING SKYWARD tether this world and to the beyond. This connection between the heavens and earth, known as axis mundi, is a concept that appears across diverse religious and philosophical ideologies. Accessing Mount Kailash in Tibet, Mount Olympus in Greece, or Mount Damavand in Iran once entailed great physical effort and with it the reward of enlightenment or renewal. Now, thanks to the ubiquity of digital images one can visit soaring peaks while seated comfortably in front of a screen. With this body of work representing 64 sacred mountains across the globe, Beth Ganz explores the specificity and power of place at a time when we can move across the surface of the earth in seconds.

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