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Pascale Hémery. From Rue de Rivoli, 2021. Artist book. Linocuts on paper. 32 x 800 cm (leporello size).

Pascale Hémery: The City and the Sea

Emanuel von Baeyer Cabinet

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Pascale Hémery’s subjects derive from her fascination with the city: “The urban landscape is a constant source of creative material. For instance, the latent violence of the light striking the façades of buildings brings forth another world.” Travelling to Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, London, Dublin and New York, Hémery continues to interpret and convey city views, granting the viewer a new perspective on the urban environment and our relationship to these surroundings. She writes: “The city, as I see it, is a witness to the mutations and transformations that people undergo from day to day. It places me outside myself, ‘beside myself’, as it were. Everything that surrounds me is both anecdotal and profound.”

To transcribe these sensations, Hémery uses the expressive nature of colour woodcuts, linocuts and lithographs. The works in this exhibition display her experimentations with the juxtaposition of colour and her novel way of looking at architectural form, often on an impressively grand scale.

Hémery (b.1965) graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris in 1994. She has been awarded a number of prizes and fellowships, including the Pierre Cardin prize from the Institut de France, and has received several major public commissions, such as a monumental colour woodcut for La Médiatheque Jean Jaures de Nevers. A catalogue raisonné of her engravings and lithographs was published to coincide with her retrospective exhibition at the Musée du Dessin et de l’Estampe Originale, Gravelines in 2006. Pascale Hémery lives and works in Paris and Burgundy.

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