Atelier-Galerie A. Piroir | JEAN DESY AND HÉLÈNE LATULIPPE: Artist’s Book | April 11 – April 29th



5333 Casgrain Avenue, suite 802, Montreal, H2T 1X3, Canada

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 15th, 2 – 5pm

Jean Désy is a poet. He teaches at Laval University in literature and medicine. His passions have been Nordic for much of his life. He still practices medicine as a convenience store on the North Shore and in Nunavik. Among his latest publications, an essay entitled “To be and not to be”, about contemporary Inuit life, published by XYZ, in March 2019, another essay entitled “L’irrationalité necessary”, published by XYZ in September 2020 , a tale-poem entitled “No, I will not die”, published by Éditions Mémoire d’encrier in January 2021 and finally an essay entitled “We are poetry”, published in January 2022 by XYZ and made up of interviews with thirty- a poets and artists.

From Hélène Latulippe , industrial design and visual arts allow me to counterbalance chaos by creating a calm and harmonious environment. The straight line, so used in design and defended by Kandinsky in the arts, becomes my antidote to confusion.

I approach the landscape in a unique way and I adapt the traditional technique of engraving. I dive into a natural or built environment to indulge in its flow of sensations. This experience finds its tangible form in linocuts with abstract, regular and repeated patterns on various materials.

I invite the viewer to experience the serenity of the landscape by traversing the topography of my works. Everyone has the pleasure of drawing a secret from it and imagining its meaning.

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