Galerie Boisserée | Alex Katz “With the artist’s eyes” | Köln | March 22 – May 20, 2023


March 22 – May 20, 2023 extended to May 27

Alex Katz “With the artist’s eyes”

Drususgasse 7-11
D – 50667 Köln
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Opening on Saturday, March 22, 2023 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m

“LOVE & HOPE” – Sculpture and Graphics

The portfolio “The Book of Love” by artist Robert Indiana was previously presented in a solo exhibition at Galerie Boisserée. Indiana, who significantly influenced American Pop Art, became well-known for his iconic sculpture “LOVE,” which has become part of the New York City landscape and serves as a powerful and concise call to remember this strongest of divine virtues.

The upcoming studio exhibition, starting from May 13, 2023, at Galerie Boisserée, focuses not only on “The Book of Love” but also on works from the cycle revolving around the concept of “HOPE,” which plays an equally important role in Indiana’s oeuvre. The sculpture “HOPE,” made of precisely painted aluminum, will be on display, as well as two four-piece sets titled “Four Seasons of HOPE.”

Artistically exploring the virtue of hope finds its cause and logical consequence in Indiana’s broad engagement with the theme of love. Having dedicated himself to the four letters L, O, V, and E since 1966, in 2008, the presidential campaign for Barack Obama’s first candidacy became the trigger for “HOPE.” Indiana wanted to support Obama and visualized with “HOPE” what primarily accompanied Obama’s candidacy: hope for a renewed America.
In 2011, he exhibited the variation “Four Seasons of HOPE,” screen prints on canvas, at the famous Four Seasons Restaurant in New York. Consequently, the screen print editions in silver and gold variations were created a year later, which will be exhibited at Galerie Boisserée from May 13, 2023.

Robert Indiana was born in 1928 in New Castle, USA. After years of diverse training in various locations, he arrived in New York in 1954, where he established connections with many artists and soon became a defining figure of American Pop Art. His works, associated with Hard-Edge Painting and characterized by numbers, letters, and symbols, are unique and have become recognizable emblems of Pop Art. Robert Indiana passed away in 2018 in Vinalhaven, USA.

The exhibition will be on view from May 13 to June 24, 2023, at the studio of Galerie Boisserée. In the other gallery spaces, the exhibition “ALEX KATZ – With the artist’s eyes” will be extended until May 27, 2023. Afterward, an ACCROCHAGE will begin, featuring new acquisitions and selected exhibits from the gallery’s collection.

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