Emanuel von Baeyer | Christoph Nathe; Romantic Landscapes in the 18th Century | Online | Feb 18 – Mar 31


Christoph Nathe, Die Wegkapelle an der Rothenburger Straße bei Görlitz, Etching. Size of sheet: 14 x 17.7 cm.

February 18 – March 23, 2023

Christoph Nathe; Romantic Landscapes in the 18th Century
Emanuel von Baeyer

Virtual Viewing:

A selection of landscape etchings by Christoph Nathe (1753, Nieder-Bielau – 1806, Schadewalde) which were a source of inspiration to Caspar David Friedrich and his early printmaking. These are pure studies of nature, some drawn en plein air on the plate, some with a vivid wash of aquatint that gives a painterly flair to the prints.

This type of German romantic print draws me back to my early years as a print dealer, and my very first, modestly published, catalogue with Shepherd Gallery in New York is testimony to it. Since then, this genre has been widely publicised and Anke Fröhlich’s very comprehensive catalogue on Nathe is an excellent example:
Anke Fröhlich, Einer der denkendsten Künstler unserer Zeit Christoph Nathe 1753-1806. Bautzen 2008

This little display is dedicated to Elisabeth and Robert Kashy and David Wojciechowski who hosted my exhibition Early Romantics: German Landscape Etchings in New York, March 1995.

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