Paupers Press | Michael Taylor: The Last Man | Feb 1- March 11


The Last Man

Michael Taylor

10 Feb – 11 March 2023

45 Coronet St, London, N1 6HD
Gallery open Thursday to Saturday 12 – 5pm
or by appointment

Paupers Press and Standpoint Gallery presents ‘The Last Man’ a solo exhibition by printmaker Michael Taylor.

These works are about many things. Ideas that float around sometimes collide to produce clarity, at other times just a noise. They absorb the chatter of friends and neighbours alongside the media hum of choice or imposition. They reflect the information swamp that sucks and belches at us and the emotional push pull of events.

Somehow rising above us all, the Last Man sits secure on his plinth, disengaged from the noise of his own destructive actions. He calls on powers from above to save us but only releases the violence that lurks within. The beauty that once we thought had been tamed, rises up to devour us.

Could this be the question I ask myself. Do I not have the constant feeling of being implicated in a world that I have neither made, nor would have chosen to be made? Perhaps this could be its answer. For what we have done today, we also did yesterday and will, no doubt, continue to do tomorrow.

‘Aprés moi, le déluge’

Michael Taylor is the co-founder and director of Standpoint Studios and Paupers Press. Alongside his own practice as an artist, Michael taught for many years at Central St. Martins, Norwich and Camberwell Schools of Art. In 1986 he started Paupers Press and has since worked with many leading and emerging contemporary artists, galleries and museums. In 2012 he published ‘The Mechanical Hand: Artists Projects at Paupers Press’ to celebrate the studios 25th anniversary.

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