Crown Point Press | Odili Donald Odita; Open Veil | San Francisco | Jan 13 – Mar 10, 2023


Odili Donald Odita, Black on Blue, White on Red (Burning), Smoke, Promise of Good Hope, Fire

January 13 – March 10, 2023

Odili Donald Odita: Open Veil
New Etchings
Crown Point Press

In-Person Viewing:
20 Hawthorne Street San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

Virtual Viewing:

Crown Point Press announces the release of new etchings by Odili Donald Odita, who worked at Crown Point in the fall of 2022. During the two-week project the artist explored intaglio for the first time and completed 15 etchings. Odita chose prints made at Crown Point by John Cage, Jacqueline Humphries, Robert Mangold, Shoichi Ida and Sherrie Levine to accompany his exhibition, Open Veil.
Odita organized the fifteen etchings he completed into two sets of three prints titled Bliss and Deep, and one set of four prints titled Net. The remaining are presented as single prints. Odita used the same key plate in each print: vertical, syncopated lines were drawn using soft ground and printed in black in some of the prints, and in the others, in white. He used aquatint to create gem-like color fields of purple, blue, magenta, and yellow. Odita said in a recent conversation, “Colors refer to literary and aesthetic suggestions of Black bodies and people of color (purple, blue, and deep red).”

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