BORCH Gallery | WARDELL MILAN | THE BALCONY | Berlin | Sept 16 – Nov 19


fine art print by wardell milan, Our Lives to Live, 2022
Our Lives to Live, 2022

September 16 – November 19, 2022

BORCH Gallery

In-Person Viewing:
Goethestrasse 79, 10623 Berlin Germany

Virtual Viewing:

Opening on Friday, 16 September, 6 – 9 pm

BORCH Editions is delighted to present The Balcony, a printmaking project in two episodes by the US-American artist Wardell Milan, at our Berlin Gallery. 

Wardell Milan’s work explores the absurdity of politics, socio-political structures, power dynamics, spectatorship, and how these forces effect one’s personal existence. The Balcony alludes to the relationship between performer and spectator in a theatre setting. Milan imagines the viewers observing the action ‘as if they are sitting above in a balcony watching the melodrama unfold before them.’ In his work, human bodies and their surroundings become stages on which questions of gender, race, sexuality and power are being negotiated.

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