Benveniste Contemporary | Miki Leal: A kilo of green | Madrid | Sept 11 – Nov 11


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September 11 – November 11, 2022

Miki Leal: A kilo of green 
Benveniste Contemporary

In-Person Viewing:
Calle Nicolás Morales, 37, 28019 Madrid ES

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Inauguration: September 11, 2022 from 11:00 – 15:00 

For the Madrid Gallery Weekend 2022 opening, Benveniste Contemporary presents a new project with Miki Leal (Seville, 1974) entitled Un Kilo de Verde (A kilo of green), a series of original graphic work printed and published by Benveniste Contemporary in collaboration with the artist and the Gallery F 2.

Miki Leal’s relationship with etchings has always been configured as a fertile territory of search and inquiry, and also as an opportunity to delve into some of its thematic references, but, above all, as an area where creative dynamics are enriched and complexified by facing the process that mediates between the configuration of the work and its execution. It is precisely in this procedural dynamic where the essence of his relationship with the graphic media resides and on this occasion it can also be said that the process as such is the element that becomes the true engine of the proposal.

Over the years and through series such as Record-PlaySanta Mónica BoulevardIn Cold BloodThe End and other works, Miki Leal has become familiar with different techniques and procedures such as etching and aquatint, monotype, photogravure, drypoint or direct bite. On this occasion, for Un kilo de verde he has opted for the linocut technique, but in occasional combination with other processes already used by him such as monotype and etching, in a clear desire to go deeper, not only in the possibilities of the media, but also for the dynamic that opens up in every creative process between conception and realisation.

Alberto Martín

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