Galerie Lelong & Co. | NANCY SPERO: HERE AT HOME | Online | Aug 24 – Sept 3


August 24 – September 3, 2022

Galerie Lelong & Co.

Virtual Viewing:

Galerie Lelong & Co., New York, is pleased to present Here at Home, an intimate presentation of six prints by Nancy Spero, commemorating the artist’s birthday on August 24, 1926. For Spero, print-making offered an entry point for the larger conversation of radical change.

The repetition inherent in the printing process echoes the irrepressible presence of women in history I seek to capture by combining and recombining images of women from very different historical periods and cultural contexts. Yet my intervention is not neutral history, is not fixed, it’s mutable, open to interpretation, it keeps on living by accumulating new meanings. Now this is a very subversive idea, because it means history can be changed, power relations reversed. . .” – Nancy Spero

From her most introspective pieces to her activism, Spero’s oeuvre was driven by a deeply personal and uncompromising expression of her experience. Just as the artist often verbalized, there is a dialogue in need of provoking, a recognition of anger, and action to be taken. Since her death in 2009, Spero’s works have continued to resound with issues of injustice faced today; her message of empowerment lives on, a reminder that from wherever we are, we can act as individuals and as collectives to refute the “same damn thing.”

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