Kiechel Fine Art | Katharen Wiese | i made the cornrows: portraits of Black Nebraskans | Lincoln


between spaces, Katharen Wiese, 2021, Oil, resin, prairie grass, and spray paint on panel, 26.00 x 26.00 inches

April 1, 2022 – May 14, 2022

Katharen Wiese | i made the cornrows: portraits of Black Nebraskans
Kiechel Fine Art

In-Person Viewing:
1208 ‘O’ Street Lincoln, NE 68508 USA

Virtual Viewing:

opening reception | 4.1.22 5-8pm

‘i made the cornrows: portraits of Black Nebraskans’

Kiechel Fine Art presents a solo exhibition by Katharen Wiese.

The history of Black art in America is a history of re-appropriation, protest, and infiltration: a history Katharen Wiese is proud to be actively responding and contributing to, as she navigates her own identity as a multiracial Black woman. 

i made the cornrows’ is Wiese’s first major solo exhibition, investigating the intersectional identities among African diasporic Nebraskans. Through multimedia paintings and prints generated in response to interviews and cooperative photoshoots, Wiese allows the sitters to be both seen and heard. The works honor the specificity of individual experiences by rendering acutely detailed figures, while undermining their realism with spaces emphasizing intangible or invisible realities.

The exhibition includes a catalog and interactive audio experiences that bring the voices of the subjects to life.

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