Emanuel von Baeyer | Kate McCrickard; Ghosted | London


fien art owrk on paper Café Zorba 2021 Kate McCrickard * 1974 in Kasama, Zambia  Charcoal and coloured pastel on paper.
Café Zorba, 2021, Kate McCrickard, Charcoal and coloured pastel on paper.

March 20 – April 30, 2022

Kate McCrickard; Ghosted
Emanuel von Baeyer

In-Person Viewing:
130-132 Hamilton Terrace, London, NW8 9UU UK

Virtual Viewing:

Kate McCrickard (b.1975, Kasama, Zambia) draws inspiration from the happenings in her local area of Belleville, Paris. The sketchy and highly diaristic nature of her works lend them a certain Parisian grittiness and edge. It is the intimacy and direct nature of her paintings and drawings, documenting the daily life of her family and surroundings, that is particularly refreshing to see. McCrickard conforms neither to current art trends nor agendas but conveys purely that which she wants to say and show through her work.

Her paintings and drawings are reminiscent of the great traditions of the French Impressionists, such as Pierre Bonnard and Édouard Manet. McCrickard’s Barfly, 2021, for example, is based on a local character who drinks wine in the early morning at a PMU betting bar often frequented by the artist in her quarter of Belleville. The domestic scene and sense of familiarity in Bonnard’s Coffee, 1915 (Tate) and The Table, 1925 (Tate), can also be seen in McCrickard’s Ghost Boy Eating, 2021.

McCrickard positions herself as a very modern artist who simultaneously evades the stamp of being ‘contemporary’ in her choice of images.  She is a classical artist who works as draughtsman, printmaker and painter.

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