Highpoint Editions | Animal Print | Minneapolis


  • fine art print by Justyne Fischer, Westward Bound, hand colored woodcut on voile
  • fine art print by Hung Liu, New Old World Symphony - Blue Foot, color aquatint, spit bite aquatint, and softground etching. Courtesy of Paulson Fontaine Press.
  • fine art print by Lynne Allen, Endangered, intaglio and woodcut
  • fine art print by Aaron S. Coleman, The Vulture Eats Between its Meals, lithograph

February 18 – April 9, 2022

Animal Print
Highpoint Editions

In-Person Viewing:
912 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN, 55408

Virtual Viewing:

Opening reception: February 18, 2022 | 6:30–9:00p.m.

Highpoint is excited to bring to Minneapolis an invitational exhibition featuring prints by artists from across America, all centered upon a deceptively simple theme.

The human relationship to animals is simultaneously beautiful, problematic, and above all complex. Animals are revered, respected, feared, ignored, disregarded, and adored. We identify with animals; we personify them using their traits to reflect our behavior metaphorically. While we treat certain species like products, we share our homes (and lives) with others. 

Assembled according to a single thematic rule, this exhibition of prints surveys the complexity of our relationship with animals – it’s not just laudatory pet portraits! Each featured image contains an animal, animals, or animal imagery as a major component. Beyond that, variations on the theme represent all manner of our interspecies interaction ranging from commentary condemning the commodification of living creatures to reverential depictions of companionship. 

Featuring painterly monotypes, crisp woodcuts, ultra-faithful realism, and decorative stylization, variety is a defining (and exciting) aspect of this exhibition. This show features over 45 prints made by 33 artists from across the United States, and includes work from renowned artists such as Hung Liu and Nicole Eisenman, as well as work from Midwestern artists such as John Hitchcock, Emily Arthur, and Oscar Gillespie. Curated by Josh Bindewald, Director of Artist Programs at Highpoint.

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