Ruiz-Healy Art | Carlos Rosales-Silva: Sunland Park | San Antonio


February 16 – April 23, 2022

Carlos Rosales-Silva: Sunland Park
Ruiz-Healy Art

In-Person Viewing:
201-A East Olmos Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78212

Virtual Viewing:

Ruiz-Healy Art is pleased to announce Neo-Surrealism & Magic Realism. The exhibition includes dreamlike and figurative works that emulate the complex and often irrational visions of the unconscious mind; fantastical visions, mythology, and magical thinking influence the genres. Featured artists include: Juan Alcazar, RF Alvarez, Bruno Andrade, Victor Chaca, Juan de Dios Mora, Pedro Friedeberg, Luis Gal, Irma Guerrero, Roger Von Gunten, Rodolfo Morales, Katie Pell, Gugger Petter, Jose Luis Rivera-Barrera, Shinzaburo Takeda, Leticia Tarrago, Patssi Valdez, and Bettie Ward.

Neo Surrealism & Magic Realism opens on Wednesday, February 16th from 6 to 8 pm at Ruiz-Healy Art, 201- A East Olmos Drive, San Antonio, TX 78212. Please contact the gallery at [email protected] or 210-804-2219 with any questions.

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