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fine art print Eugène Delacroix, Rencontre de Cavaliers Maures, 1834. Etching. Size of sheet: 20.1 x 26.5 cm
Eugène Delacroix, Rencontre de Cavaliers Maures, 1834. Etching. Size of sheet: 20.1 x 26.5 cm

September 2 – October 3, 2021

Delacroix – Artist Printmaker
Emanuel von Baeyer

In-Person Viewing:
130-132 Hamilton Terrace, London, NW8 9UU UK

Virtual Viewing:

Emanuel von Baeyer Cabinet is pleased to announce a new online exhibition of prints by Eugène Delacroix (1798 Charenton-Saint-Maurice – 1863 Paris).

Leading figure of French Romanticism, Delacroix was an all-round artist printmaker who mastered a wide range of techniques, as illustrated by the fine etchings, lithographs and aquatints in our display. Exoticism and literature, two of the artist’s favourite subjects, constitute the core of our selection, featuring among the rarest examples an impression of the Rencontre de Cavaliers Maures and the complete series of Shakespeare’s Hamlet 1st edition.

Satire, antique medals, a man with weapons, a nude female study and a head of a nun are among the other subjects included in our display as well as a scene after Delacroix’s close friend Richard Parkes Bonington. Finally, five prints representing wild beasts and a very fine aquatint of a blacksmith give us the opportunity to relate Delacroix to the other titan of French Romanticism; Théodore Géricault, who illustrated a few years earlier the same themes in several lithographs, some of which are offered in our past online exhibition.

Similarly to Géricault’s prints, almost all Delacroix’s works come from the well-esteemed collection of Henri Petiet (1894-1980), most of them featuring his initials and inventory number.

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