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August 2021

  • Karl Horst Hödicke, Jaguar, 1983
  • Daniel Richter, Untitled, 2019, Edition of 11

Announcing a new temporary location for Knust Kunz Gallery Editions at
Lichttorenplein 16, 8300 Knokke, Belgium

KNOKKE-HEIST, Belgium, August 2021- It is with great pleasure that we announce our new temporary space in Knokke-Heist, Belgium. We are looking forward to integrating our programme into the inspiring art scene in Belgium. Art and cultural exchange provide the footing and the lift off base for us as humans and discursive entities ….

It is exciting to extend the gallery’s programming towards Western Europe. Right now you will see a selection of works on paper by Karl Horst Hodicke (born 1938, Nuremberg). His stunning body of work on paper has toured the institutions and we are grateful to be able to give you more than a glimpse into his oeuvre, which is acknowledged as one of the most fascinating propositions of German neo-Expressionism.

On Saturday 14 August we will open an exhibition with limited editions by Daniel Richter (born 1962, Eutin). Richter’s silkscreen prints offer an intimate view inside the inquisitive structures of his artistic approach and thought processes. We are very happy to be able to present two recent catalogs and two vibrant posters by Richter when you visit us at Lichttorenplein 16.

Shortly after we are planning to present an exhibition with recent works by Herbert Brandl, a group of prints by Jonathan Meese referencing Richard Wagner, and Leonhard Hurzlmeier’s exhibition It’s the analogy, baby – part 2.

Curator and writer Ory Dessau will be available to guide you through his planned projects with the gallery, both in Knokke and Munich, later this year.

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