• fine art exhibition  in mexico titled CLANDESTINE SIESTAS Mauro giaconi
  • fine art exhibition in mexico city titled ANDREA CARRILLO x Janet40
  • fine art print exhibition THE PROTECTION PROJECT Danica phelps x No Place

April 27- May 2, 2021

Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo

In-Person Viewing:
Tabasco 198, Col. Roma Mexico City 06700 Mexico

Virtual Viewing:

Z Ⓢ ONAMACO, in its fair format, has been postponed to February 2022. This year the “Z Ⓢ ONAMACO Art Week ” will be held from April 27 to May 2, 2021, and will present exhibitions of art, design, photography and antiques in different spaces in Mexico City The proposal will focus on the local scene giving relevance to Mexican galleries and strengthening relationships with collectors, professionals and the general public.

For this edition, Arróniz presents the work of Mauro Giaconi (represented artist), Danica Phelps (part of the No Place project) and Andrea Carrillo (curated by Janet40).
The gallery will remain open during special hours:
Tuesday, April 27 – Sunday, May 02
11 am – 7 pm


[Main room / Main room]
Giaconi’s work is developed in the field of sculpture, installation and mainly in drawing, which currently functions as the axis of all his production and from which he starts to generate spatial interventions and images that pass through the aesthetics of chaos and procedural research. . Architecture, the body, memory and the environment are key elements in the artist’s work, which focuses on proposing experiences that seek to be in tension between opposing concepts: construction and destruction; Birth and death; confinement and freedom; depth and surface; sleep and wake up.

THE PROTECTION PROJECT | Danica Phelps | x No Place

[Project room / Projects room]

No Place is pleased to announce its 2021 edition. Centered in the drawings of Danica Phelps; of two different, but intrinsically connected projects: Protection Project and Flow Out, Flow In , the exhibition will show the latest works of the artist and will remain open from April 27 to May 2, in the four galleries that make up No Place simultaneously: Nuevochenta (Colombia), Galerie Michael Sturm (Germany), Arróniz (Mexico) and NF (Spain).Flow Out, Flow In will show for the first time the income and payments of the Protection Project , the project carried out by Danica during the confinement of the months of March and April 2020. At the same time, an online auction of these drawings will be held, during the 4 days exhibition, which will allow the public to bid for them, thus participating in the project.


[Terrace / Terrace]
JANET40 aims to generate a conversation about our relationship with ancient and contemporary technology. Produces and distributes limited editions in collaboration with artists interested in the realization of digital content.

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