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fine art print image by richard serra depicting black curved lines on a white background titled path and edges
Richard Serra, Path and Edges 3, 2007. Etching. Edition of 60. 65,4 x 99 cm

Through April 25, 2021

Richard Serra: Prints
Galerie Lelong & Co.

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Although the great sculptor Richard Serra is best known, in terms of his engravings, for large formats filled with imposing black masses, he has also regularly produced more modest-sized works where black appears in forms that are sometimes curved or even whirling. For 35 years, Lelong Editions has worked closely with Gemini GEL, Serra’s Californian printer and publisher, in order to present his work in Europe. Today, we are pleased to offer a group of prints by Serra from 1980 to the present day, all on a “reasonable” scale, most of which had been out of stock and highly collectible. They illustrate the richness and complexity of the artist’s work.

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