Highpoint Editions | Alarm Alarm: A series of progressive etchings by Jeremy Lundquist


fine art print by jeremy lundquist depicting a building with signs reading Alarm
Jeremy Lundquist , Alarm Alarm #6, (Baton Rouge, LA) intaglio, 2021

April 6 – July 1, 2021

Alarm Alarm: A series of progressive etchings by Jeremy Lundquist
Highpoint Editions

In-Person Viewing:
912 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN, 55408

Virtual Viewing:

Co-op member Jeremy Lundquist’s exhibition Alarm Alarm, featuring a series of progressive etchings, is on view starting April 6 in Highpoint’s Print Study Room.

From the artist:
Alarm Alarm is a series of progressive etchings that started with the exterior of a building not far from my home. The text on the side of the building says ‘Alarm Products’ in big bold blue letters. The first etching in this series is simply a remaking of that façade with Alarm stated twice. The doubling of alarm is like a second call after the first hasn’t been heeded. 

I then sought out other alarm and security companies across the country via Google Maps that had ‘Alarm’ in the name of their business. In my drawing and etching of these buildings and their signage, I continued the double alarm, even tripling it in one instance.

I hope the collected series of alarms encourages us all to consider what we are ignoring while also questioning our relationship to security.

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