Highpoint Editions | Highpoint Editions Archive Acquired by Minneapolis Institute of Art


March 31, 2021

wide interior view of fine art print exhibition at Highpoint Editions
Installation view of various works of art in the Highpoint Editions archive

Highpoint Editions Archive Acquired by Minneapolis Institute of Art
Highpoint Editions

Highpoint is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Highpoint Editions’ 20 Year Archive!

Spanning the last 20 years, countless artists have come in our doors, working tirelessly with HP staff to create prints that push the boundaries of their visions as artists, and the capabilities of our workshop.

This process has resulted in work that challenges and soothes, provokes and inspires – work that represents thousands of hours invested in both the imagination and process of Highpoint Editions artists. These works, 310 in total, make up the Highpoint Editions Archive.

And now, we are thrilled to announce the culmination of this work: that our Archive has been acquired by the Minneapolis Institute of Art!

Highpoint was founded on the belief that printmaking and prints are a democratic art form. The Archive was created to uphold this belief – that everybody should be able to experience and learn from the multitude of stories that Highpoint Editions prints have to offer and tell.

With this acquisition, our original prints will be available for viewing and study to thousands of visitors in perpetuity. Now you, too, can see the results of our powerful collaborative process, and get to know the stories we’ve assisted in developing for the past 20 years.

This fall, you’re invited to The Contemporary Print: 20 Years at Highpoint Editions, a culminating exhibition at Mia. Everyone is a part of this story: the artists, Highpoint, Mia, our supporters, and you. This success is your success, and we invite you to join in our celebration of this important milestone!

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