Cristea Roberts Gallery | Jan Dibbets: Perspectives


fine art print of architectural octagon by jan dibbets titled study for octagon II
Jan Dibbets, Study for Octagon II, 1982

March 30, 2021 – April 13, 2021

Jan Dibbets: Perspectives
Cristea Roberts Gallery

Virtual Viewing:

Cristea Roberts Gallery is delighted to spotlight an important body of historical works by Dutch artist Jan Dibbets.

Jan Dibbets’ (b. 1941) work touches on themes which have preoccupied artists for centuries – perspective, light, time; similarly with his choice of subject matter – land, sea, colour and architecture. However, to understand Dibbets’ work, one must first appreciate that these are not the ‘subjects’. He has never photographed the sea or a window simply for their aesthetic qualities. They and the camera are the conduit for a far more complex set of ideas about the nature of representation itself.

In Jan Dibbets: Perspectives, David Cleaton-Roberts explores, via a rare unique study and a suite of prints entitled Ten Cupolas, 1999, which has gone on to become one of the artist’s defining works in any medium, how Dibbets has consistently sought to challenge the traditional boundaries of artistic practice.

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