Peter Blum Gallery | Su-Mei Tse: Photography-Based Work


February 2021 – March 2021

Su-Mei Tse: Photography-Based Work
Peter Blum Gallery

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Su-Mei Tse’s multidisciplinary practice contemplates existence, notions of time, language, and music. She captures the ephemeral nature of the world and fleeting moments of memories and impressions in everyday life. Whether they are a passing thought, transitory state, or a visual or auditory experience, her work lyrically translates them through sculpture, film, installation, and photography.

As a fundamental component of Tse’s approach, photography-based work has allowed the artist to create new paths of artistic exploration. The medium facilitates inquiries for her into the meditative, into our relationship to the world of flora, or into the possibility of a sensitive engagement with the past. They also merge with other motifs more commonly associated with Tse’s practice, such as time and the perception of music.

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