Emanuel von Baeyer | Ephemeriden Aufzeichnungen


Nicolas Poignon, Ephemeriden 5. Linocut on chine colle. Size of sheet: 29 x 39 cm.

February 8, 2021 – February 22, 2021

Marcell Feldberg and Nicolas Poignon: Ephemeriden Aufzeichnungen
Emanuel von Baeyer

Virtual Viewing:

Emanuel von Baeyer Cabinet is pleased to launch a new online exhibition on the latest collaboration between poet Marcell Feldberg and artist Nicolas Poignon “Ephemeriden Aufzeichnungen“. 

In the lyric ‘Ephemeriden’, the poet Marcell Feldberg (b.1968 Willich) traces the topoi of country and city, driven by the visual language of Nicholas Poignon. Urban encounters are interspersed with glimpses of natural landscapes, meeting in disparate thoughts and poetic fragments. Word and image oscillate between the tangible and the unreal, site and crossing point, city and country.  

Artist Nicolas Poignon (b.1963 Nancy) finds inspiration in his immediate surroundings. Focusing almost exclusively on linocuts – a medium he had dabbled in during his training – Poignon usually draws his subject straight onto the linoleum from life. The contemplative nature of his work has drawn the artist to reinvent the linocut, developing a way of working whereby minuscule pieces are cut from the linoleum with infinite precision and a strong feeling for the suggestion of atmosphere. 

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