The Redfern Gallery | Ffiona Lewis: The Green Tapestry


Ffiona Lewis, Puddle, 2019

December 8 2020 – January 29, 2021 EXTENDED Thru April 23, 2021

Ffiona Lewis: The Green Tapestry
The Redfern Gallery

In-Person Viewing:
20 Cork Street, London W1S 3HL, United Kingdom (Temporarily Closed)

Virtual Viewing:

The Green Tapestry brings together a collection of new work by the artist Ffiona Lewis including her largest and most ambitious paintings to date, a group of diptychs on canvas. Lewis refers to the ‘transparent laminations’ of the diptychs, a layering of populous foliage and plant life, painted light over dark, dark over light.

“Interwoven throughout is the artist’s deep connection to nature, her own interior landscape delineated invisibly as one thread amongst many.” -Ian Massey, 2020

A fully illustrated catalogue is available, with an essay by Dr Ian Massey.

Currently the exhibition is only available to view online. 

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