Ruiz-Healy Art | Nate Cassie: A Knife Out of a Cloud | San Antonio | April 12, 2023


Nate Cassie, Mauna Kea Cloud Cut, 2023, Lithograph with archival digital print18 x 13.5 in, 45.7 x 34.3 cm

Opening Reception: April 12th, 6-8pm

201-A East Olmos Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78212

Nate Cassie: A Knife Out Of A Cloud

Ruiz-Healy Art

Ruiz-Healy Art is pleased to present Nate Cassie:A Knife Out Of A Cloud, opening on Wednesday, April 12th, with an opening reception from 6:00-8:00 PM at our San Antonio gallery. The exhibition features paintings,
ceramics, prints, and a video installation. This is Cassie’s third solo show with the gallery.

Nate Cassie presents an array of objects evoking sentiments of transformation and change. In his corpus of work, cloud imagery is a hallmark that best captures these concepts. In the artist’s words, “They signify transition, clouds moving across the sky. Depending on what they look like, it is a sign of change in the weather. I feel that analogy applies to contemporary life, our current moment.” For Cassie, these themes are more relevant now than ever before.

Cassie’s work includes drawing, painting, sculpture, video and digital media. His thematic practice centers on what he terms “spaces in between,” the gaps that distance surface from volume, skin and structure, formal and intuitive systems. “It’s the place where a rub or a nudge occurs—the space in between layers, the space in between object and reflection, the space in between myself and others.” – Nate Cassie

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