David Zwirner | Giacometti / Sandback: L’Objet Invisible | Paris | Sept 3 – Sept 24


September 3—24, 2022

Giacometti / Sandback: L’Objet Invisible
David Zwirner

In-Person Viewing:

108, rue Vieille du Temple Paris

Virtual Viewing:

“Space doesn’t exist / it must be created but it does not exist… / Every sculpture made on the assumption that space exists is wrong, / space is nothing but an illusion”
—Alberto Giacometti (1949)

[My work is] present in pedestrian space, but is not so strong or elaborate that it obscures its context. It doesn’t take over a space, but rather coexists with it.
—Fred Sandback (1975)

David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition pairing the work of Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966) and Fred Sandback (1943–2003) at the gallery’s Paris location. Though Giacometti and Sandback worked in different visual registers, both found commonality in their use of space, line, verticality, and the implication of movement in their work. On view will be sculptures and works on paper by both artists, including Giacometti’s distinctive and psychologically resonant drawings of such subjects as people, still lifes, and interiors, which resonate visually and conceptually with Sandback’s vertical constructions—works that necessarily implicate the human body in their form. Sandback often cited Giacometti as a major influence, having first encountered the elder artist’s work in Paris—as he noted, “It certainly had to do with the way it anecdotally is described as a space eroded away or stripped down to its essential, if there is an essential core to it.” This will be the first exhibition to present these two important twentieth-century artists in dialogue.

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