Atelier-Galerie A. Piroir | Xylon – Québec | Montreal


February 8 – March 19, 2022

Xylon – Québec
Atelier-Galerie A. Piroir

In-Person Viewing:
5333 avenue Casgrain, suite 802, Montréal, H2T 1X3, Canada

Virtual Viewing:

Meeting with the artists between 12 pm and 6 pm: February 12 | February 26 | March 12

The Xylon au carré Project was launched in the fall of 2019. Xylon members were invited to work on a 31.5 cm square format engraving. The twenty-five artists explore this constraint with great freedom of subjects and expressions. The square is thus used as its own subject, as a basis in the composition of the images, or even as a metaphor for the pandemic, both structuring and reassuring or, conversely, a source of confinement.

Du blanc au noir

Xylon-Québec also represents Du blanc au noir, his fourth artist’s book produced in 2011. Presented in loose sheets, the book includes two poems by Claudine Bertrand and twenty-three relief engravings. The prints were done in black, including variations in gray. There too, the theme was free.


Xylon-Québec is an association of professional artists working in wood engraving, which functions as a publisher and broadcaster stimulating research, creation, and promotion of relief printing. In 1985, Xylon-Québec has been recognized as a national branch of Xylon International. Since then, the association has concentrated its activities in the edition of several artists’ books and the organization of numerous group exhibitions. The technique of relief printing involves inking the protruding surface of the matrix, generally with a roller. Nowadays, artists may also use other materials besides wood, like linoleum, Plexiglas, plaster, cardboard, etc.


Jocelyne Benoit

Marie-France Bertrand

Micheline Bertrand

Claudette Delisle Menier

Nicole Doré-Brunet

Élisabeth Dupond

Monique Dussault

Carole Fisette

Renée Gélinas

Marilyse Goulet

Johanna Griffith

Julianna Joos

Ingeborg Jürgensen Hiscox

Louise Ladouceur

Claire Lemay

Marie-Aline Lemay

Louise Lemieux Bérubé

Noémie Lesquins

Odile Loulou

Stella Pace

Rolande Pelletier

Adeline Rognon

Anaïs Ronceray

Susie Veroff

Deborah Wood


Francine Beauvais

Jocelyne Benoit

Nicole Doré-Brunet

Elisabeth Dupond

Monique Dussault

Serge Foisy

Marilyse Goulet

Louis Hébert

Diane L. Joyal

Ingeborg Jurgensen Hiscox

Louise Ladouceur

Yvan Lafontaine

Claire Lemay

Henriette Le Tellier

Christine Marchand

Stella Pace

Rolande Pelletier

Marc Pichette

Suzanne Reid

Stella Sasseville

Deborah Wood

Poèmes : Claudine Bertrand

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