Cristea Roberts Gallery | Jim Dine: Days of Joy, Printing


Jim Dine pictured beside his new prints at Steindruck Studio, Austria. Photo: Christoph Chavanne.

March 10, 2021 – March 23, 2021

Jim Dine: Days of Joy, Printing
Cristea Roberts Gallery

Virtual Viewing:

Cristea Roberts Gallery is delighted to announce the launch of six new large-scale woodcut prints by Jim Dine.

Printmaking has always been a vital and intrinsic part of Jim Dine’s(b. 1935) practice, and never more so than over the last twelve months where he has immersed himself in the print studio.

Working with master printers in Austria, Dine has created a monumental series of new woodcuts. For these new works, he returned to his most iconic of images for which he has become synonymous – the heart. As is so often the case with his printmaking, he coaxed the images from the large blocks using a variety of unconventional tools – motorised chisels, drills and chainsaws – all employed to create densely layered, complex surfaces which burst with energy and emotion.

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