Rita Ackermann

Hungarian/American, resides in the USA , 1968 -

Rita Ackermann was born in Budapest in 1968. Trained at the University of Fine Arts Budapest (1989-1992), Ackermann ultimately moved to New York to study at the New York School of Studio Art, Painting and Drawing. Through painting, drawing, collage, photography, sculpture, music, performance and prints, Rita Ackermann explores the coexistence between aggression and fragility. While defiantly objective, her work appropriates images from our culture at large. Her most recent work further investigates the tension between expression and composition and can be seen as a meditation on the nature of cultural production in itself. Originally trained in printmaking, Ackermann only produced her first prints as a mature artist, a series of monotypes, in 2010. She has been exhibited in many museums worldwide, most notably in Whitney Museum of Art Biennial.
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